Descension: Depths of De’mae is a 3D action-adventure, with focus on combat involving player-input gestures and shape drawing recognition. Play as an E’mae, a member of an enlightened, magical race living in the land of De’mae.

Humans and corrupted E'mae have both infiltrated the Depths of De'mae in search of the source of De'mae's power, resources and peace, the Paragon Crystal. Their aim is to either destroy or steal it, but the Spirit of De'mae has guided you to the Depths, and bestowed onto you its vision and powers. Manipulate De’myst, and direct the flow of it to affect the world and living beings around you. You have to save the Paragon Crystal, and in turn, the whole of De'mae.

Bryan Dismas Yeo ( - Lead Programmer, Engine Architecture, Graphics, Scripting, Tools
Jason Ngai ( - Assistant Lead Programmer, Gesture Recognition, Collision Detection, Scripting
Jonathan Butt ( - Producer, Pathfinding, Behavior, File Parsing
Gavin Yeo ( - Game Designer, Level design, Gameplay programming, Scripting

Will you be able to reach the Paragon Crystal deep within?

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